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elcome to the Philadelphia region’s new home for sustainability professionals and professionals that care about sustainability! Come work in the largest, and only green coworking space in the area, (targeting LEED for Commercial Interiors Platinum, in a building targeting LEED for Core & Shell Platinum) A healthy, collaborative environment where even the performance of the space itself is aligned with your values, and is operated and supported by organizations dedicated to your success and focused on cultivating a truly vibrant community.

CityCoHo is a coworking business, partnered with the Sustainability Nexus and focused on providing extraordinary shared space to extraordinary emerging communities. Committed to delivering the ultimate coworking environment and experience, CityCoHo is creating the new standard, raising the bar. Located at 2401 Walnut Street in the heart of center city Philadelphia in a building targeting double LEED platinum certifications (building Core & Shell and Commercial Interiors), CityCoHo strives to provide the optimal combination of sustainability, amenities, comfort, technology, community, and fun—all in a setting designed to foster and promote individual well-being and success.

Philly Nexus is a program of The Sustainability Nexus, and represents our partnership with CityCoHo. Our mission is to amplify the impact of environmental and social efforts in the Philadelphia region by networking the movement. This partnership with CityCoHo is our keystone strategy. We believe it’s important to establish the center of gravity for sustainability professionals, operatives, advocates, and innovators in this region, and then make as much digital and literal space around that center as possible for that community, and then implement frameworks and processes for that community to make that space its own. This coworking and regional sustainability mothership is our headquarters and our home, and we're very excited to share it with you.

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