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Coworking space in Direttissima del Conero, Italy


he Hive is where ideas turn into business.

The Hive is a community of start-uppers, entrepreneurs, free lances, “digital artisans” and consultants sharing a common passion aimed to assist new-born or built-up companies during the first crucial steps of business development. We are mainly focused on agrindustrial, fashion, green economy, environmental and Information Communication Technology businesses.

In The Hive we provide a new culture based on ethical behaviour combined with social and environmental responsibility that are principles of any business sustained success. The Hive makes this possible through stimulating co-working spaces, technological facilities and a personalized tutoring advisory board fitting the single business needs. This is combined with a direct and easy access to financial funds. We offer the possibility to make business ideas easier and faster and to develop managing skills through continuous education and mentoring since the first steps of business development.

Signing a membership in The Hive means the possibility to access to Co-working spaces offering many advantages and all-inclusive services that make your business interactive and sustainable. In our co-working space we can host till 30 companies selected after reviewing all submitted applications.

Entering in our business incubator and accelerator programs let you being followed in the definition of the corporate governance, the identification of business and financial strategies of your own idea. These options include coaching to the best business modelling, the marketing communication and digital strategies for your success.

The Hive organizes events to create networking with investors, companies, local associations, business angels and venture capitalists to promote the incubated ideas. Moreover, The Hive founded the Business Idea Award (BIA) of 100.000€ to support the most innovative, fresh, solid and international idea selected among those submitted to

Our promoter is Greenvale Ventures Europe Ltd. It is an international private funding group that invests worldwide in small-medium businesses and start-ups helping to increase their potential and to launch them according to the international market standards.

The Hive’s philosophy is to support passionate entrepreneurs through the best technical consult board towards their business goals.

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