Cowork Mucancas

Coworking space in Loulé, Portugal


ucancas is a hub for creative minds, freelancers, startups and entrepreneurs. It is the perfect workplace to be productive, innovative and grow your business. It has loads of light, good environment and all services included, such as coffee, tea, water, wifi, shower, electricity, phones, air conditioning, printer and photocopy, receptionist, lockable storage, cleaning, a meeting room, a multifunctional room/conference room, a kitchenette, a chillout area and free parking. It is located 5 min walking to the bus station, 10 min away from the train station and 20 min away from Faro Airport.

It is a completely renovated space in the historic center of Loulé. It is the perfect combination between the old and the new, with the wall of Loulé's Castle from 1268 framed in a modern space, filled with everything you need to feel productive and full of energy to work. This is an excellent place to be creative and enjoy in the end of the day of a marvelous weather that will allow you to renovate your energies in one of the hundreds natural landscapes that exist in Algarve.

If you need any further information, please feel free to contact me +351 96 20 43 785.

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+351 96 20 43 785

Services & Resources

- Coffee, tea, water;
- Wifi;
- Shower;
- Electricity;
- Phones;
- Air conditioning;
- Printer and photocopy;
- Receptionist;
- Lockable storage;
- Cleaning;
- Meeting room;
- Mutifunctional room/Conference room;
- Kitchenette;
- Chillout area;
- Free parking.