Startup Getaway Bali

Espacio coworking en ???, Indonesia


oworking and Co-living in Bali - a perfect getaway for startups and entrepreneurs and experience the productivity boost in fun creative environment

Startup Getaway Bali is a place and a concept. It’s a place to share your passion, vision, goals, life lessons and artistic impulses.A place to work, to play, to move, to stay, to eat healthy and to meet people like you, who dare to dream and to see their dreams through without sacrificing life.

We have designed our Power Houses (thats what we called our exotic villas with) a personalized, healthy and tranquil environment to provide you with everything you need to succeed in your career and personal enterprises, while enjoying the natural splendor of Bali’s rice fields, white beaches, ancient temples and vibrant cultural heritage.

For passionate entrepreneurs :) We do what we love and always look for ways to enjoy our work and share our passion. We build and create things that we would want and strive to build the most fun and inspiring environment in the world..

Startup Getaway Bali provides resources, infrastructure, network, training, coaching, funding, access to investors and a great culture exclusively for inspirational entrepreneurial people.

Most of all, Startup Getaway Bali is about building great things together and having fun while we are at it!

We are pleased to welcome you with our Room Package and Office Package.

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Servicios y Recursos

- 24/7 Room Space and Office Space
- Fun Power House activities (pool, yoga, crossfit, movie night, BBQ, etc)
- Training, coaching and fun discussion session
- Laundry, 3x meals, morning and afternoon snacks


Feel free to work in private in our gazebo


One of our work corner


One of our Deluxe Room


Run for a 15 minute outdoor swimming and flashing back to business.


Work with the greenish paddy field and wind blowing